F/M tumblrs

Time once again to show a few more predominantly F/m tumblrs

Blistered bottoms: Plenty of FEMDOM  and other pictures featuring well spanked bottoms and a few other fetishes

I'm a straight guy that just loves women's beautiful feet and feeling the sting of a women's discipline on my backside
The look and the statement... yikes
I repost femdom pictures that I enjoy. The things I enjoy most are spankings (of any kind, with or without captions), pegging and any sort of female dominance, though I think I'll mainly stick to spankings here. Enjoy!
Love the elegant look, showing you will be spanked before going out for the evening
a collection of images I have found in other location


Have fun



Vanessa Chaland said...

Great memes....like the last one two. :)

Joh Apple said...

Do you have suggestions where I can find older men being spanked. I don't usually see them anywhere?

Baxter said...

that first tumblr, otk jim, is a good F/M one with lots of wooden paddles. thinking of myself on the receiving end of my wife wielding the big paddle we have.

Red said...

vanessa; glad you like them
Joh: No
Baxter: have fun dreaming, and as you know the reality is better
bottoms up