asking to be spanked

So many cute drawings or sayings of women asking to be spanked!
Sometimes, the woman might need to go further and say they were naughty.
However, any rebuttal that you were NOT naughty is countered with the thought that:
some women might say:
so the option is clear

and if the man follows through
 you might think she is reluctant
but her smile tells it all
bottoms up


  1. I would have to say I've asked for many spankings. In fact I asked for the first spanking she gave me. She was reluctant at first but seeing my enjoyment and her finding out she enjoys spanking me keeps us both happy. Sometimes today I'll still ask for a spanking saying I need one or I'm on edge cranky and need one or whatever other reason I can think of at the moment to get her to spank me. Always with the same results, I get a red sore bottom.

  2. It is interesting that it is always a woman asking. I can think of maybe a single example of spanking art or captioning with a man asking for a spanking or discipline.

  3. Nice post Red except I am the one who needs a spanking.

  4. both good and bad girls and guys, for that matter, need spankings. good blog, red

  5. archedone: I sometimes have to ask, but most times, the decision is beyond my control, except for the fact that my behavior merited the spanking.

    Dan; very true. Maybe you and I should caption a few of a man asking to be spanked.

    Joe; ask, and you might receive.
    baxter: very true, and thanks for the kind words
    bottoms up


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