14 MILLION page views and counting

I still have fun writing this blog! Sometimes there are little droughts of enthusiasm, but they are momentary and fleeting.

It appears that many other people enjoy browsing the topic, enhanced by spanking photos and humor.  The number of visits is more than 6.5 MILLION.

Thanks to everyone who drops by, and SPECIAL THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO LEAVES A COMMENT!

Reading about the lifestyle, as practiced by Cindy and I, and many other bloggers, may give some readers the courage to explain their feelings to their partner.

We started after I found the Aunt Kay's disciplinary wives club   http://auntkaysdwc.com/

Cindy is no longer reluctant to spank me, and this has been a wonderful aaddition to our love affair, that has lasted over 46 years.
this could be your lifestyle, as I am very used to being spanked

Keep dropping by, I truly appreciate it

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your efforts. I check this almost every day. I make few comments because I can't think of what to say.

juliesp said...

Congratulations on 14M!!! I know the commitment it takes to keep it up and keep it fresh. I also know how a little public exposure and sharing can enhance one's kinky life! Way to go and PLEASE keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Congrats. Red and the thanks go to you and the many others that have blogs, I know the hard work that goes into keeping them fresh. I was getting spanked before I found these sites and having found them only enhances our spanking fun. And yes one does get used to being spanked and if there is a lull in spanking you miss it. To all of you with blogs keep up the great work.

ronnie said...

Red, congratulations on 14 million. Here to the next 14.


Hermione said...

Hi Red,

What a milestone! That's quite an accomplishment. Keep on spanking and blogging!


an English Rose said...

Congratulations!!Keep going .....
love Jan, xx

Red said...

anon; thanks for your kind words
juliesp; thank you, and yes, the blog has increased my kinky side, and Cindy's kinky side
archedone; thank you for your kind words, and your almost daily comments.
Ronnie: doubt another 14, but maybe another 1 or 2
Hermione: like you, it is a love affair. thanks
Jan: thanks, I will
bottoms up