wife spanks dot com

A very wonderful site to visit!  WifeSpanks.com

It is a website that promotes women spanking their husbands. It is intended for adults only and depicts images and videos of consensual spanking and domestic discipline.

When you go to the site, you can click on BLOG   http://wifespanks.com/blog/  and you will see  posts that started a year ago.

The section of FAQ (frequently asked questions) is informative about the couple.

The pictures are REAL.

I highly recommend this site to you.

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Red it is Cheryl and we are in Arizona for the winter and bored so we opened C S and it was about wife spanking husband and thanks for that....I sent him to Wal Mart for two 5 gal paint stirrers and told him to get some quarters....yes I taped the quarts on the wooded stirrers and taped them together....I opened ever window and door and spanked him to a glow that warmed the room he c complained that it was too severe and i totally agreed but he was so overdue for a spanking I was even able to get him across my knees again......worried about the next we play this game.....but we both needed this we have been too close in this small condo......

Joe said...

You are right Red this is a great site.

NightlySun said...

Well, I just couldn't agree more.

Red said...

Cheryl: Never put off a spanking, even if no reason is evident. it helps just set a good mood for both people. The small condo is bigger than our inside cabin on a cruise ship, so that might account for quite a lot of spankings and happy times on our cruises recently.
My personal opinion is never spank too severely, better to spank more often and make each spanking significant. Keep enjoying life.
Joe: it is a fun site to visit
Nightly sun; you are welcome
bottoms up