Spanking thoughts

This applies to both men and women, if in a consensual spanking situation. You simply have the desire to be well spanked, as soon as possible.
The quantity of spanking captions, and spanking sites makes many more art works like above, than one of a man stating the same thing.

I imagine women have the same trouble of getting their partner to spank them, as men do.
So maybe, a woman might like to send the above and below to their partner
Whereas the man might like to send the above and below giving his partner the choice of roles she would like to play along as

Clare in action
 Personally, With Cindy's approval, I would love to play both roles with Clare, but afterwards, or the next day... I think Cindy would insist on the following role for me.
before the spanking has finished, I will be wishing the following...

bottoms up

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