Spanked by Their Wives Yahoo Group

Time for my yearly, or semi-annual shout out for a group you WILL find VERY INTERESTING.

If you are looking at my blog, then you have at least a casual interest in seeing if REAL PEOPLE actually are spanked, and maybe even more interested in if men are spanked by their wives.


I can assure you that some men are spanked by their wives, as by now you have read about me being spanked. Women are also spanked by their husbands, and you can see many links to both activities on the side panel.
(The above so aptly applies to me, as I asked many times for Cindy to spank me, before she ever agreed.)
(Cindy has stated this to me many times)

At this site, you will conversations from spanked men, and the women who spank them, plus many other ideas you may have not thought about.
(now, I never or hardly ever need to ask)

The captioned photos are a delight, and most are created by the owner/moderator of the site. I am remiss for not posting a link to his site from the photo, but I rarely do this. Time is precious, and keeping track of where anything came from is difficult.
These are just some of the wonderful captioned phots and art.

I highly recommend you join the site ( and say Red sent you)

As usual, you should , if you do not already have, set-up a fictitious email account, and use this for all communications.  No actual information about your name or where you live is needed.  However, I suggest you at least provide a few words as to why you are interested in joining. This group, (now in it’s 11th year) is completely SPAM free and the moderator makes a conscious effort to keep it that way.
Your desire to be spanked might be readily accepted
with reasons beyond your being entertained
 and very very soon

My actual comment is I wished we had started this the day we were married.

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

"Not as Much fun as you thought it would be", hit it on the head. But I would not want it any other way, my life is so much better, very well spanked bottom or not.

Joe said...

This is great info thanks Red.

Anonymous said...

I just joined the yahoo group. I submitted a request and I was approved in about 2 hours. Thanks Red!


Baxter said...

to your last comment that you wished you had started the spanking on the day of your wedding, me too. actually R said recently she wished she hadn't been so vanilla back then when I asked her to spank me. Yeah me too. Not only would we have had fun with it, maybe I wouldn't have done some of the stupid things I have done. But whatever, we did get into the spanking about 15 or so years ago.

Anonymous said...

My wife and I have been members for several years. There are several photos of my red bottom there!

Red said...

anon; very true, thanks for sharing
Joe: enjoy joining the site
Matt: The owner cares, and keeps the site up to date and spam free. Enjoy
Baxter: 15 years ago is about when we started also... and yes, Cindy was very unsure (vanilla),
Anon: Hope your wife also comments at times, because a woman's view in the spanker position is always interesting for both men and women
bottoms up