on the road again

Well, we are off for sunny skies, hot beaches, and pleasant cruising .for the next month.
The flight attendants are almost ready to greet us.
Who knows, I might take up surfing if someone like this offers to teach me.
We could go bike riding with friends
catch a musical performance or two
safe driving is our motto when we rent a car
but we do have our own form of travel insurance, if Cindy is displeased with my humor
making the above  joke would be ill advised
 and if I get a little argumentative
So, happy trails to you
until we meet again..

The blog will still have posts every second day, more or less, as I have scheduled a number of posts, but I doubt I will be able to authorize comments, and due to spammers, I cannot leave comments open.

 her response might be something like this
 and always remember
bottoms up


an English Rose said...

Hi Red, hope you and Cindy have a great holiday!
love Jan, xx

Baxter said...

Like the stern blonde and her paddle. She can use it on me all she wants to get a good luck at those boobs.

Anonymous said...

Baggage fee, higher fare, cramped seats. I don't care. This is my new favorite Airline. Sign me up for the Loyalty program.


Vanessa Chaland said...

Love the photo of the nude couple walking in the rain. :)

Red said...

Jan: We had a fabulous time

Baxter; your bottom will be bouncing more than the view of her boobs dancing

Matt: it would be a wonderful airline to fly.
Vanessa: glad you liked the post

bottoms up