looking back

Have you ever found yourself looking back at the spanker, who is about to give another spank with some implement?

I have found that I do NOT look back like this young woman
 Watching a cane stroke arrive still does not avoid the reaction if the stroke is significant
 Seeing a spank coming is unnecessary, as you can feel the air and hear the movement.
 However, if your partner is continuing the spanking with another implement, you might be tempted to know what it is.
 A casual sorry punitive look might make the next few spanks of lesser intensity
but then again, it might encourage the spanker to spank harder, as the spanker might think the reaction is not  significant enough
 however, the paddle being used might simply be causing a glazed look of significant shock at the intensity visited to your bottom
The spanker might even enjoy seeing your facial reactions with each spank
you might be looking back stating how you have definitely learned your lesson
but as Yogi Berra used to say: It ain't over until it's over.

bottoms up


an English Rose said...

hi Red, I never watch, too scary!
love Jan, xx

Baxter said...

interesting theme. lovely array of naughty bottoms

Anonymous said...

Never thought about it that much, but the times I have looked back it was not really to see the next one coming rather than to thank her for the last spank or tell her I'm sorry. The spankings I've received using only one implement can be counted on one hand, the great majority of my spankings involve a number of implements and when she changes implements I don't look back but like to feel the first spank and guess what she is using. From the first spank it's pretty easy to tell what just landed on your bottom.

Red said...

Jan: I rarely look back

Baxter; glad you enjoyed the post

archedone: very true. Cindy always asks for implements for me to retrieve, so I know what she will be using during the spanking

bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Unless I am ordered to retrieve them (or she announces it), I never know what "tools" J. may want to use. "Sessions" usually start with a hand spanking, but I have enough 'experience' to know (or feel!) whether the next act involves the martinet, the cane, the strap, the maple switches or the crop! She likes to keep me guessing...