traveling again

Just a short beach break at an all-inclusive, to exercise, swim, walk, and enjoy the sights and meals.
This is a very likely scenario at least one day.  We will either be taking the bath brush or the tawse, and who knows, maybe both.
 these are unlikely scenarios, as we are not going to a nudist resort... but you
can find so many pictures of your everyday person at sites shown here

but one can always dream..
 if you cannot dance too well, you can still exercise your heart by increasing it's rate by watching
from a distance
 It is wonderful for the legs to walk long distances on the sand
Enjoy the pleasures of life
bottoms up
 and remember, stay in touch with friends


ronnie said...

Enjoy and have fun.


an English Rose said...

Hi red, Hope you and Cindy have a great time,
love Jan, xx

Baxter said...

lots to see at the beach. imagine my surprise of the topless women at the beach at the North Sea in The Netherlands.

Cat said...

Have fun on your trip, Red. Love the last giggle with Betty White. ;)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Red said...

Ronnie, and Jan and Cat: thanks
Baxter: now you know, and worth a repeat visit often
bottoms up