Thoughts for New Year's Eve

Practice eye contact. It helps when you meet a new woman.....
My thought is that Next year’s going to be good...

I asked this young woman at my gym what her New Year’s resolution was going to be.

She said “Fuck You”.

So I’m pretty excited and optimistic about the upcoming Year!

Remember to be kind to family and friends
If you are traveling, some people have an advantage on not being bumped
Always be ready to improvise

 and a interesting thought

 let Santa pay
 and lastly
 Always say thank you after your spanking... your partner will appreciate it
 be wary of Santa still strolling the streets after Christmas
bottoms up


Dan Mel said...

Does anyone ever get a New Year spanking. My wife will put me over her knee at 11:55 PM and spank me while we wait for the ball to drop and continues to spank me for one minute after midnight. After that I thank her and we kiss and make love.

kdpierre said...

I ROARED at the gym caption! Thanks, Red, and Happy New Year!

ronnie said...

Wishing you both a wonderful 2018 with health, happiness, fun and of course spankings.


an English Rose said...

Hi Red, Happy New Year to you and Cindy. hope it is a great one!
love Jan, xx

Anonymous said...

Love the second to last picture, it's going to be a wonderfully sore bottom. Happy New Year to you and Cindy and thanks for your blog.

Baxter said...

Happy New Year to all. I agree with archedone that the second to last picture is going to be a wonderfully sore bottom and here is hoping we all get the sore bottoms we want this year.

Red said...

Dan: sounds delightful. Wish I had known of this tradition before today.

kdpierre: Happy to give you a great laugh... and Happy New Year

Ronnie: thanks, and the best wishes to you and P and family for a healthy and happy New Year

Jan: thanks, and Happy New Year to you and John, and the entire family

archedone: thanks, and Happy New Year to you and Robyn, and the entire family

Baxter: thanks, and Happy New Year to you, and the entire family. I have already started the red bottom route.

bottoms up