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An interesting work environment  is the title,
and the description is 
I came upon a company with an unusual policy which apparently allows the women who work there to spank the men. I have managed to find a number of pictures and some brief comments but no formal policy statement. I'm not sure how I would feel about spanking my coworkers but I can tell you that I have worked with a good number of men who I would have liked to have seen getting a good spanking.

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Corner time photos of spanked females  

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Baxter said...

Getting spanked at the office is a fantasy. At a past office, there was a bitchy woman there that could have handily put me over her knee and gave me a good spanking as she was younger and in great shape. That would have been a great lap to be across.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the fantasy would be increased if the women discussed spanking the men between each others. The occasional side glance and knowing smile would be a frequent reminder while you were at work.


Red said...

baxter: pleasant fantasy while listening to her bitch

Matt; delicious thought

bottoms up