Santa Spanks

A quick and easy post for your enjoyment
If you need help
some might say
However, these fine ladies are all ready and happily awaiting  their spanking
and Santa is getting ready also
 bottoms up
 These ladies are hoping Santa will make their bottoms as red as their shorts
This fine lady is getting the kid glove leather experience, and seems to be enjoying it.
 and the reason Santa is jolly is that some of the ladies go that extra mile to thank him

thoughts for the season



Anonymous said...

The two by the trains, you know they are the naughty type. Spankings are in order, especially on such beautiful bottoms.

Anonymous said...

Love this post Red very funny and you have to love the way some naughty girls thank Santa for their spanking.

Red said...

Anon: I imagine they would like to be spanked
archedone: very true, glad you liked the post
bottoms up