Happy New Year

Thank you to everyone who has dropped by my humbler blog, and special thanks to those who leave a comment of encouragement  or about the reality of  their spanking life

However, sometimes, people get depressed by social media, which seems to explode with things to rage against.

Being older, I look back on far worse things that have happened in the past, and prefer to look at the progress we have made.

When you come to my site, I will try to amuse you, both with humor, and with photos and ideas about spankings.

Recounting my spankings, and how it has drastically improved our happiness is worthwhile for others to consider. We were always a happy couple, but everything, like a fine wine, has improved with age.

a smile for Hermione

and enjoy a Caribbean vacation
may your new year have many spankings

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

The New Year is here. Our world is always changing from bad to good and back to bad again and back to good. People lust for power that don't deserve it but they too will pass. Funny how some say our country is messed up but I've yet to see anyone trying to escape this country.

ronnie said...

Red, Happy New Year to you both. Hope it's the best one yet. Fun post.


Hermione said...

Hi Red,

Charlie said it very well. Happy New Year to you and Cindy.


Baxter said...

Here we are in the New Year and we are still naughty. Hoping for all of us guys to be like the one in the last picture, getting the spanking we want and need regularly

Red said...

archedone: it is always best to focus on the good, because so much does exist. It is just not reported. Enjoy the New Year.
Ronnie: Glad you liked the post, and Happy New Year to you and family

Baxter: the 12 spanks of Christmas helps assure many spankings to start the New Year.
bottoms up

Red said...

Hermione: Happy new Year to you and Ron. As usual, I only found this now by looking at awaiting moderation comments... A really strange feature somehow, tha tI have no idea how to solve.
bottom sup