christmas cheer

here is a cute video you might enjoy

So, we went to a friends house last night to celebrate his turning 60. (still a young man in my books) and we had fun presents....

On one box, I had: " something to keep as you get older?
What was the present?

The second present was:
1. Something you and your wife can have lots of fun with as you age!
2. Chuck Berry had his only #1 hit in the USA in 1972, singing about this
3. some of the words of the song were: " I want you to play with my ____ _ ____
What was the present?

Answers tomorrow!

bottoms up


kdpierre said...

Not sure about box #1, but #2 is a "ding-aling". ;-)

ronnie said...

Red, lovely post and cute video. I can't think what you have given your friend so look forward to the answers.


smuccatelli said...

Present 1: Marbles?
Present 2: "silver bells hanging on a string"? That's what Chuck's grandma gave him in "My Ding-a-ling"...

Fondles said...

Oh i enjoyed that video rather a lot! Will stay tuned for answers!

Red said...

KdPierre: you never want to lose your marbles... AN EXPRESISON MEANING YOUR BRAINS...
Ronnie: As smuccatelli suggested.. the song was Ding a ling...and what I put in the box was a bicycle bell that makes a ding-a-ling sound.
Fondles: glad you enjoyed the video
bottoms up