boobs: adventurous tuesdays

This is just a fun post for the ladies out there, and the men who love them.....

A simple greeting like this will thrill every man...

Dressing provocatively for your man will be exciting for both him and you.
A simple wardrobe malfunction will be exceptional to chase away any worries
deliberately dressing to give him a peek will be rewarded...
so, just like many reading this blog use spanking to solve problems and spice up their love life
I absolutely believe this will add a fun dimension to your marriage
boobs solve many problems
at least for the moment.  For more gifs of this nature, click the link..

This about sums it up!
bottoms up


Baxter said...

my wife has exposed her boobs spontaneously all of our marriage, of course in private, but it is still enjoyable and does lead sometimes to other things.

Merryslave said...

In warm weather, which is most of the time here, Merry goes around the house topless, so I seem to be inured to the sight of boobs.

Anonymous said...

no matter how many times you see boobs you always want to see them again. In fact when nothing is on TV all 1,000 channels you can look at her boobs instead.

Red said...

Baxter: wonderful, and do encourage her to do it somewhere in the great outdoors, when you are 99% certain no one will happen upon you folks. that 1% chance adds quite a thrill.

Merryslave: delightful... lucky man
archedone: very true
bottoms up