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Due to Montezuma's revenge, first me, then Cindy, we have not been into spanking for quite some time. This happened in Punta Cana.

Yesterday, Cindy was annoyed, and the result was a quite thorough spanking with firs the soup stirrer, foolishly, I made some jesting remark, and the first many spanks were for that remark, and I was notified that the spanking has not yet begun.  Bare bottom, bent over at the waist, but this woman looks far better than me bent over.

As the sparking continued, I was clenching my cheeks trying to make them smaller, and rising on to my toes. Cindy is aware, and just uses the opportunity to raise my bottom cheeks a little to give significant attention to the crack joining cheeks tot he top of the legs.

Cindy eventually paused, but simply to get a different wooden implement from her kitchen utensils. It was a flat wooden implement, and very effective.
I thanked Cindy for the spanking after she stopped, and later that day we made love, which was wonderful.
PS: today I had a doctor's appointment, but fortunately my bottom was no longer red, maybe just a little blush pink

bottoms up



  1. It sounds like a very effective spanking. I'm surprised you were not dancing on your toes. Seeing the last picture reminded me of a spanking Robyn gave me and I was in that exact position. I'll have to write about it to you.
    and now thanks to you I know where ice icicles come from.

    1. Do write to Red. Thanks always a fun read and you get ksome fun interaction from it as well.


    2. matt: glad you like reading my blog

  2. Those are quite funny. Especially the one about the politicians and their hands in their pockets!


  3. archeodne: It would be great if you write about it to me, as then I have a new post, that would be interesting to my readers, and enjoyable for all.
    Yorkie: glad you enjoyed the post
    bottoms up


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