Waiting for you

When you walk in the door, you know your future...
The look states everything
The only thing that remains to be known IS:
Will she ask you to confess your errors
or will she tell you why while you are being spanked
 Best advice I can give: Do not say how nice her legs look...

bottoms up
Have you ever thought the following
British humor is really good
 Like my new car?


  1. good ones. my wife met me at the door once with paddle in hand. Warm bottom later and wild sex.

  2. I got a good spanking Saturday. Friday night I got my weekly maintenance spanking before we went out for dinner. The next day I went to Best Buy and ended up buying a new TV and brought it home and left it in the living room while I had to go out and take care of some business. When I got home my wife was waiting for me with paddle in hand. She ordered me to get naked and put me over her knee. She was angry because I didn't clear it with her before making a large purchase. She blistered my behind really good. Later that day we were watching a movie and my bottom was really sore especially after back to back spankings.

  3. The last cartoon was my favorite giggle, Red. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  4. Baxter; you must really have screwed up to be met at the door. (Glad the sex was a delightful finishing touch.
    Jan: glad you liked it.
    Dan: I must agree that large purchases should be discussed. I was switched yesterday, and my bottom is quite sore today also.
    CAt: glad you liked it
    bottoms up


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