wheel barrow spanking

A number of tumblrs are currently posting some of these pictures, and I thought I would give you a link to one site that has two of my favorite spankers in action. (Clare Fonda and Sarah Gregory..)
The position is amazing for the spanker, not quite certain how comfortable it is for the spanker...It certainly does revel all of the woman, which might be a bit embarrassing, but I am certain a hard spanking would immediately distract you from the embarrassment.

You can view a short video at
and then scroll down a little

You can find the clip for sale at

seems to be creating a few or possibly a considerable amount of this type video, as seen by a few photos from various tumblrs that have the pictures

Have you ever been spanked in this position?

Would you suggest it to your spanker? (or spankee)

Lots of good free stuff to whet your appetite, and maybe this link will give you a reason to join their site.
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Anonymous said...

O my gosh the wheel barrel that look so exciting even for an old gal like me.....I hope my husband tuns into C S this morning as I will try to be extra naughty to earn one of those....Cheryl

Dan Mel said...

Never been spanked that way and never will suggest it. I'm not allowed to suggest how a spanking is done. My wife makes that decision.

Red said...

Cheryl; Truthfully, you should just send him an email with a link to this post... Never leave to fate, something that you can do something about.

Dan: best we not ever suggest, because when I do, Cindy ensures it is more effective than I imagined
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