The maid's duties

Lots of fantasy available on line involving the maid or the butler....
When the husband is displeased, the maid spanks his wife....
Another example of progress, the husband spanks his wife.. something I really enjoy doing, whenever needed)
or the maid might spank the husband
and even, she might have to hold the miscreant in place for their spanking
however, the fantasy is almost always the maid being spanked
which  is a delightful fantasy
 so, double the maids, double the spankings
however, as times change

As this UNDERLING's artwork shows the maid simply bringing the spanking implement
or spanking the man while his wife watches
and the newest twist... the maid pegs the husband to show him his place in control of the house
bottoms up
might as well let the men enjoy the fantasy..................


  1. Hmmm a maid? That could be a wonderful fantasy. But I'm afraid if we had one and if Robyn let her know that I was a spanked husband I could see Robyn sipping wine while she relaxes and watches the maid spanking me then when the maid is done she would take her turn. That would be one very sore bottom. Or even worse me laying on the spanking bench and the maid on one side and Robyn on the other both spanking me at the same time. Ouch. And you know they would both be cheering each other on.

  2. We don't have a "maid" -at least not a live-in one - but we have a once-a-week Hispanic cleaning woman who, over the ± ten years she has come to our house, has spotted my "tool closet" - and has figured out what they are used for... Although she never has seen me use them, she clearly knows who is "in charge", and has occasionally hinted that she approves of the way I deal with L.


  3. archedone: a very sore bottom producing fanny. I can imagine the same with Cindy, so we are lucky not to have a maid.

    J: any thoughts on letting her handle something L has done badly that caused her a larger effort to clean and make right?
    bottoms up


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