submissive captioned thoughts

Well, if you are consensually spanked, a portion of your make-up has to be submissive, in my humble opinion.
Thus, your sweet girlfriend might consider saying ideas that become rules, such as:
 so what was once a fantasy, slowly becomes reality
bath brush time
and then
and maybe she might even add a few thoughts of her own...
a interesting conclusion
bottoms up



  1. I very much agree with your first line, Red...a portion of my make-up is submissive. Enjoyed both the Ireland somewhere and online dating...fun giggles.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  2. Your first line is true Red. A spankee willingly takes off their clothes and positions themselves to receive a spanking and in many cases thank their spanker when it's over.

  3. Cat: I know a portion of my make-up is submissive, and I try to foster that at home, but a huge portion is dominant which was needed in my occupation and in officiating.
    archedone: very true, and I always thank Cindy after being spanked
    bottoms up


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