short intense spanking

With a little dearth of spankings, the other day I did something that annoyed Cindy, while in the kitchen.
"Bend over, drop your pants!"
Dumbfounded, ... the next thing I heard was  "NOW!"

The wooden soup stirrer was whacking away at  my bottom, while a little lecture was being given....Each spank was given with meaning, and they rained down, moved around my bottom, top to bottom, side to side, unrelenting.

I had by now raised up onto my toes, a rather insane reaction, trying to stay in place but avoid the spanks! DUH?????

The spanking stopped, and I apologized and thanked Cindy for the spanking. As this is being written a few days later, I have no idea what the spanking was about, but I certainly behaved myself the rest of the day.

Do you always remember what a spanking was for a few days later?

bottoms up


  1. Hi Red,
    No, I don't always remember. When that happens she says something like, "It looks like another trip to the woodshed MISTER!, and this time I'm using the strap!!! I guarantee that you will remember this one! NOW MARCH!!

    Much better for the sit spot to remember why you got it in the first place.


  2. Hi Red,There is never really a real reason in the first place, they are mostly made up stuff that makes us laugh. I usually have no idea at the time let alone after!
    love Jan, xx

  3. Happy to say yes I do remember why I was spanked. A spanking prior to sex she talks to me like a sailor telling me what we are going to do after my spanking. If I get a punishment some times she will tell me why I'm getting it prior to spanking and some times it's get naked I'm going to spank you then during the spanking I'm getting a lecture on why she is spanking me. Then later she will ask me if I remember why she spanked me and I have to tell her and she sometimes asks the same question the next day and I better remember or it's time for another spanking.

  4. I usually know why I am being spanked - but I also know that I may be spanked or whipped "just because" without being given any reason... (aside, I suppose, from her opinion that a good spanking is never wasted)


    ps. This was also N's modus operandi !

  5. JayJay: very true...I must try harder

    Jan: delightful way to have fun

    archedone: Cindy has done the asking why I am being spanked during the spanking, and until I get the reason(s) correct (sometimes three things that accumulated for a spanking), she will continue the spanking.

    L: just because is certainly reason enough.

    Vanessa: thank you
    bottoms up


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