Sad to say, he won't go away

 And he will be around for many a day....  sing along with me... Amazingly (not really), I found new comments from two new readers this morning.!. Well, actually, two new accounts, that if you click on them, I was the first person to look at the account. Thus, newly created. Similar type comments, rather disturbing, related to the wheel barrow spankings....  I will not post about him again, but just a word of warning in case he appears on your blog.

Life has so much more to offer, so many more fun things to do than simply comment on this blog... like...
So, unfortunately, I will be deleting comments from many anonymous readers, if the comment has any relation to the type of spam created by my former spammer.
Now, this young lady has the right idea
and so does her friend
Maybe within a year or two, he might give up after never seeing his comments posted.

If, unfortunately, I delete a real comment from some one else, my apologies...
If I have never stated it before, please relate only real events in your life, not events of fantasy!!!!! It only makes sense that people can relate to, and maybe incorporate in their lifestyle.

And a delightful copy from CAT... http://gigglesgrinsandreflections.blogspot.com/

bottoms up


kdpierre said...

A few of us have had similar problems. I don't know if it's the same person but the writing style (or lack thereof) is usually a dead giveaway. Good luck, fellow blogger!

Dan - A Disciplined Hubby said...

Good luck with deleting and ignoring. It has not worked particularly well in my case.

ronnie said...

Red, I had a similar problem and had to delete loads of comments. A real pain. Good luck.


an English Rose said...

I have had a few from some one too. I just delete forever if I don't like what anyone says, no freedom of speech on my blog!!!!lol
love Jan, xx

cagedlion said...

I review comment traffic daily. If the comment is fantasy or just someone trying to create a blog in my comments, I delete. I only allow comments that fit our blog and offer real information.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess -- is one of his new identities called "The New Me"? Just posted to my blog. At least the writing is somewhat coherent.


Cat said...

Hey Red...Really don't understand why people can't just be real. Would be different if they commented and said they had a fantasy of such and such rather than presenting it as being real. If he wants to write about his fantasies...start his own blasted blog. Happy you enjoyed the giggle enough to borrow it. Feel free to borrow any giggles you want.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Hermione said...

Thanks for the warning, Red.


Red said...

kdpierre, Dan: thanks... I will not mention him again, after this post. He may still write his fantasies, and I will have great fun hitting delete.
Ronnie: I went back and deleted some of his posts, but too time consuming, and he is not worth it.
Jan: no freedom of fantasy speech on my blog either... delete forever..
cagedlion: my policy also.
Dan: he is learning to create an account...lovely.. and I am learning to click on the name, see that it has been viewed only a couple of times, and hit delete to the comment...
Cat: very true, and I will borrow frequently..
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Red, Love the last pic.

Dan - A Disciplined Hubby said...

One last comment -- one way I like dealing with him and other like him is to hit "remove content" instead of "delete." That removes his comment, but leaves intact anyone who replied to him. I also had one particularly vicious little troll who would post some pretty nasty comments in response to some of the female commenters. I started removing his content, then I would edit it and repost so it made the opposite point. Made him freaking crazy.

Red said...

Dan: excellent idea: "remove content" Fun idea to alter what the sad person wrote.
bottoms up

Red said...

Hi Hermione: I once again found your comment awaiting publication, but it had not been sent to my yahoo account. As you stated in a second comment, that I also published, it appears that any comment from a yahoo account does not make it to my yahoo account, so I must look at awaiting publication on my blogger to find these comments.
PS: he is now writing decent comments, not fantasy, but I will still block them. A terrible waste of time going back through comments and removing his stupid fantasies.
bottoms up