Happy Spankoween

This is how adults should celebrate, after the children have gone to bed..
Whether you have buns of steel, or not
maybe some spooky which panties can add an extra level of devilment to your life
you can even distract a male from looking at your FANGS!
Remember: Naughty witches get spanked for their pranks. Happy Halloween! 
 of course, the witches have to be older than 18
 so delight in toasting buns this Spankoween

 and maybe

add a new fantasy with costumes

bottoms up



kdpierre said...

Some great images here, Red.(I'm stealing a few! LOL) That one clip with the spanker making a worse face than than the girl being hit is proof that a smart spanker uses an implement of some kind. ;-)

Love the last quote too.

Merryslave said...

I think Merry has panties similar to pic3, but since i work all night, I won't be home to see if she wears them.

Cat said...

Thanks for sharing the fun pics, Red...my favorites are "Windows..." and "If you don't have anything nice to say..."

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Anonymous said...

Spank "O" Ween can be a fun time of year and costumes can add more fun to the play.

ronnie said...

Red, fun pictures. Made me smile. Loved them all. Thanks for sharing.


Red said...

KDpierre: none are mine, but even if they were you are very welcome to use them... buns of steel needs an implement.
Merry: enjoy viewing them in the daytime.
Cat: lad you enjoyed them
archedone: we actually had a spanking time (my bottom only)
Ronnie: always happy to make you and everyone who reads this smile.
bottoms up