fun thoughts for the day

A man can dream

I doubt the above was EVER true.... but  a great description for today would be:

A one word answer of yes  or no can only be answered with three words

followed by
bottoms up
and then keep smiling
okay, this might earn me a spanking, but I think it is a fun photo and caption


Anonymous said...

Yes Cindy will probably spank you good for the last picture. Watching the lady with the cane. I've never felt a cane but Robyn has used a window blind rod on me. I like it better when I get a stroke then a pause while I feel the full effect of the sting rather than one after another.

an English Rose said...

Those first two made me laugh, I would like to be the first and more likely to be the second. Hope you and Cindy are having a great week
love Jan, xx

Cat said...

The first cracked me up and the second...that's me! Actually have a copy of that one. LOL Oh and if you want a spanking, just show Cindy that last one. Thanks for sharing, Red.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Red said...

archedone: sounds like you need to purchase a real cane, and a rapid caning like above, as no man being spanked should control how it happens.

Jan: a tad of a conflict between one and two... I am very happy Cindy is NOT the first photo.

Cat: I thought of purchasing the sign(#2) when I took a photo. Fortunately for me, Cindy rarely looks at my blog.
bottoms up