Fulfilling your fantasies

Everyone at some time has fantasies, and, with trepidation,
suggest them to their partner.
How has asking your lifetime partner, (not simply a date with a new person for a few weeks)  affected your relationship?

With Cindy, I have expressed my desire for spanking...
and it has helped solve problems, and enhanced what was already a wonderful sex life...

I have asked her to peg me...  and
it is wonderful
I have also grown into the fantasy and reality of wearing panties sometimes
no, it doesn't do the above, but it certainly is fun, 
The feel is so much softer, if not doing anything athletic, or walking for a significant amount of hours. Cindy does not mind, and finds it somewhat erotic...
My fantasies have been realized, and our relationship is amazing and wonderful.

So, how have your fantasies been realized

bottoms up


  1. Hello Red.
    My fantasies realized include male submission , strict discipline, spanking, enema, and temperature taking.
    I must add that with the help of her strict discipline and punishment I have become a better person. She has helped me give up smoking, I do not drink and drive any longer, and I have been taught to limit my consumption of alcohol to two drinks at social gatherings. If I ask her permission, I can some times have more, but I MUST have here permission first.
    We continue to work on my habit of ogling female behinds, masturbation, and shooting off my big mouth.

  2. Hello Red,

    Lindsay and I have played out many BDSM fantasies. In fact, next month we are likely to visit the BDSM-house again. Fingers crossed.


  3. The same is true in this house. I asked for spanking, pegging and I also wear panties from house of silk. She went along with the spanking to satisfy me and after a bit found she liked it. When I asked for pegging she was all for it and the same with panties she loves to see me in them. With panties I'm usually in them 24/7 as I love the feel over cotton. this does bring up a question. I wonder in relationships is it the men that request kinky ideas or the women?

    1. Hello Archedone,

      difficult to say, I guess it catalysis itself into a more kinkier relationship. As long as both people respect the wishes of the partner, it's all good.


  4. Merry spanks me, she has pegged me, she loves to see me in panties.

  5. JayJay: delightful to read, and glad that it works for both of you.. Good luck with continuing the process to being a better person.

    Marcos; have fun , even if you do not go to the BDSM place...
    archedone: I imagine one person asks the other to be spanked, and progresses much like you and I. The spankings were reluctantly given at first, but the benefits have made the spanker much happier, and sees that the spankee is also happier.MArco: absolutely correct
    Merryslave: We three are much alike

    bottoms up


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