everyone should visit this site about domestic discipline

If you are just beginning, or wondering about the idea of domestic discipline, this site has excellent ideas on how to begin.

Even more important, it has wonderful information for everyone!

I specifically like the challenges that they have for couples: a different one each month. The idea I see with this is that if one of the twelve challenges is somethin you would like to try, then it is a great idea. Their is always something that we can try to improve in any relationship, and this is the most important relationship you have (that is..the relationship with your partner). The challenge for this month is spontaneity, and it is time I got back to that.


Another item is maintenance spankings! We might try maintenance spankings, but my spankings are very often, then a lapse in time, so not certain how to put maintenance in the cycle of spankings.

Drop by, if you want just to look at the titles, and maybe something will catch your eye.

I imagine this is how Alice Mitchell will deal with her husband Henry Mitchell, afterwards
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Anonymous said...

very interesting sites.

ronnie said...

Red, thanks for the link.


Clint said...

Red, thanks for the nice compliments ! All other readers, if you have questions or ideas regarding our blog, please leave a comment!

And of course, more articles will follow ;)

Red said...

Clint: My pleasure, and keep up the fun work..
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Red said...

Ronnie: you are welcome
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