A MEME: but shouldn't Thiefery result in a spanking

Hello everyone,

Here I come...
Now I have burgled the meme from everyone, here we go.....

a partial BIO

Marriages - one (and it is marvelous)

Proposals - one

Divorces - none

Surgeries - one

Tattoos - UGH!!! Never

Piercings - does the hole in my head count.


Shot a gun - no (but I should do that sometime)

Quit a Job -  Yes, three times, plus summer jobs that ended

Been on TV - Yes, officiating  professional sports, and an interview about computer security

Fallen in Love - Yes  :)

Driven cross country - yes

Hit  a deer - No

Watched a Birth - yes, our children being born

Ridden in an Ambulance - Yes (when I had my heart attack)

Sung Karaoke - Not my thing! I really avoid anywhere with karaoke

Ice Skated - forever, since a young child... Still played hockey (old-timers... over 40 until five years ago). Might start up again... No point skating unless you have a hockey stick in your hands

Been Surfing - tried water skiing but could never get up for more than two seconds

Seen the Ocean - Yes! We vacation at the ocean almost every year, and also on cruises

Ridden a horse - a few times (pretty bad at it, but I keep trying)

Almost died - yes

Been punched - yes

Punched back - definitely.


In love now - Yes with my wife, and our extended family-- totally.

So, for all those bloggers that exposed themselves with this meme, should they be spanked?

bottoms up


ronnie said...

Red, It does, report to Cindy at once.

Loved reading your answers. Interesting to read about the ice skating. Happy you joined in.


an English Rose said...

Hi Red, yes definitely. What sport do you officiate? That's a very interesting answer!
love Jan, xx

Cat said...

Of course they should be spanked, Red...as should you. Thievery must be punished. :) Thanks for sharing...enjoyed learning more about you.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Anonymous said...

Theft is a crime soooo I guess you have to present your bare bottom to Cindy and ask for your punishment. It was great learning more about you. We have done some of the same things and I've done a few you haven't.

Red said...

Ronnie: good advice

Jan: sport will be replied privately.. no pont giving out too much info.

Cat, archedone: so many friends wanting me to be spanked... thanks (I wonder how I mean that .. sarcastically, or happily)

bottoms up