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For the most part, every photo is what men like to see, IF they like to be spanked !
The heading: Because I'm not the only one who thinks that some guys need a spanking
another with the title naughty little boy

I'm a male spanking sub sharing some of what I like. Mostly fm spankings with some ff thrown in for good measure.

and lastly
Married male living a lonely life of forced equality and stealth submission. This is a place I can offload all my frustrations and hopefully meet others with experiences similar to mine.
which has many more ideas besides spanking

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Joe said...

Great one as always Red. This weekend took my wife to a very nice hotel/spa as a surprise for our anniversary. Gave her a full spa day with massage, facial an full body exfoliation. Later that night after a very nice dinner she surprised me with really sexy dom outfit that did not cover much and a long spanking starting with hand spanks along with plenty of fondling and rubbing. Moved onto a paddle a bit harder than a flogger all over my body as I have asked for, and I do mean everywhere and finished a good firm strapping also as I have asked for. It was the best spanking she has ever given me and had very excited. The love making that followed was too incredible for words and was repeated several times thru the next day. Red I owe you a big thanks for helping me convince her that spanking is not a bad thing. Best anniversary ever.

Anonymous said...

Nice links, thanks Red. I do have a question. Lately blog sites have been blocked unless you have a blog site, even some sites I used to like to follow what is going on? On my spanking front I got a good boy spanking two days ago. Started with her sitting on the sofa and me laying over her lap for a hand warm up. Then over the sofa arm rest and she applied the wooden spoon to my bottom then off to the bedroom and laying over two pillows so my bottom was well presented I felt the belt and whip. None was really hard but a good stinging spanking and she did get some ouches and owes from me I loved it.