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A tumblr that has stopped posting has some wonderful captions
We did not have trouble after thirty years of marriage, but spankings have certainly solved problems since then and re-energized a decent sex life and loving attitudes into fabulous overdrive.. Yes, many weeks we have sex three times during the seven days
This is a true and excellent combination, first she says
and he complies

maybe an old-fashioned marriage is the way to go...
 and thus,

Enjoy your spankings, whether you are the spanker or the spankee!

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Many don't understand why there is spanking in a marriage. Many when upset don't talk to each other sometimes for days. Do I like it when she punishes me? NO! But when the spanking is over the problem is taken care of and we talk and many times have sex. I'll take a spanking every day over not talking.

Red said...

Jake: sounds delightful, whenever necessary. Please realize that the thought is delightful, but the actual spanking is never delightful...

archedone: well stated, and I agree 100%

Bill: thanks for sharing. Happy your mother showed your wife how to handle terrible behavior.

Jack: Glad you have learned...

Mark: thanks for sharing, a very true situation fo rsome men.
bottoms up

Red said...

Jake: thanks for sharing... Your wife does an effective no nonsense spanking, which benefits your marriage.