Shaving: Adventurous Tuesdays

The norm for some women is to have a Brazilian, i.e.: shaving her vaginal area, whereas it is also quite normal for some man to shave their genital area.

Have you ever shaved the entire genital area?

or better yet, had your partner shave you...

I truly believe a woman should have a professional do it for her, but no experience needed in shaving a man, as the area is much more readily accessible.

I regularly trim, but have only shave a few times. The problem is when it starts to grow back in.
The joke that goes something like the more you trim the bush, the larger the tree looks.

Remember to have fun in life

 and also

bottoms up


Dan Mel said...

I am required to be shaven. I have to shave my entire body. I do it every night myself except for my back which my wife does. She wants me smooth all over

Anonymous said...

I have shaved my cock and balls a few times before and I'm in the process of doing it again this week. Shaving the balls is like shavinga face with six chins.


Anonymous said...

I've shaved my pubic area for years. Both Robyn and I feel it looks better and she also shaves. We both shave ourselves. From what I have read shaving does not make the hair grow faster or thicker.

Red said...

Dan: would waxing monthly make it easier?

Matt: very true, and very delicate chins

archedone: interesting. Cindy waxes most of her vaginal area.
bottoms up

Njspank said...

Very hot