Happy Spankers

It is always wonderful to see photos of women who are smiling, holding a spanking implement.

The smile might be because she sees the look of SHOCK when you see her holding that bath brush, and sitting on the spanking chair.
This lady breaks into a smile when your chin drops upon seeing the strap she is holding
Your plea of is this really necessary, is answered by a quiet smile
She is almost saying "I am going to have such fun with this... unfortunately you will not find it so much fun
The next lady is overjoyed because you knew the answer to how red your bottom is going to be.... (as red as her skirt was the correct answer, with a few extra strokes if you answered her gloves, and quite a few more if you answered her pinkish blouse..
A smile of satisfaction while watching you undress
whereas this young woman is happy with your coloring bottom and your owwws
and this woman is happy with her efforts, and how submissively you stay kneeling with no RUBBING

then again, there are also many sspankees who originally worry
then start hoping the spanking will end soon
and are DELIGHTED with the hot, red and sore bottom that they have been given  This is very similar to me, after the spanking has ended

have a fun spanking, or discipline spanking soon.
happy spankers in f/m art

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

I don't see the smile on my wife face after a spanking, I'm facing the wall, wanting to rub, but not wanting another spanking. I told her of my need to be spanked, she at first would not. It took her finding my magazines and asking if I do more then look at the pictures and I said yes. She just said get to the bathroom and I did, told to undress, I stood there, erect, she said show me and I masturbated while sitting on the toilet. She then had a interesting smile and picking up the bath brush she took her seat on the toilet and I received the first spanking from her. But she was not done when I stood up, she took my arm and continued to spank my bottom with the brush and soon I was facing the kitchen wall. She laid down the rules, a good fifteen minutes later I was squirming on her lap and in short time we were in bed. The spankings are for real, not only spanked at home, and not always told to masturbate. She has found the benefits of spanking me and I have to find new ways to get a spanking, which is not hard. Mark

Anonymous said...

When my girlfriend at the time, now my wife, would get mad at me, she would say just grow up. I said nothing and it was forgotten. Spending the weekend at her place, I really did a stupid thing and when she said grow up, I said I like being a little boy at times. Little boys who are naughty she said need a spanking, I said here your chance and dropped my pants and underpants. She got up from the couch, got a chair from the kitchen and then left the room, she returned with a hairbrush. I went over her lap and when she finished I danced around the room, rubbing. That hurt I said, she smiled, I'm not done yet and sure enough she laid down the rules and I went back over her lap unwillingly and she insured I learned my lesson. Nothing has changed since we been married, and I will admit, the spankings I wanted, have made me a better husband. Oh, my wife is very good at spankings.

Anonymous said...

J. seldom smiles when she decides I need (or deserve) a whipping -and I am not in a position to see whether she does while the session is in progress - but pix # 8 reminds me of a time when B. was visiting... and the two sisters chose to take turns with the paddle, the martinet and the strap... in front of a mirror!

ps: J. claims -though I never saw it- that N. (my late wife) smiled broadly while she spanked me in her presence, and I have no reason to doubt it, as N. clearly enjoyed roasting my derrière... as much as J. (and B.) do !

Anonymous said...

You have seen me frown each time I order you to bare your bottom (and/or to fetch my tool(s) of choice, but I do smile, believe me, while I whack or lash your backside - and why not since it is, after all, for your own good! I am sure you also heard some chuckling when you have been whipped under the eyes of one of my friends (which is the way I reacted when N. did!)

Anonymous said...

I can't see Robyn's expression while she's tending to my bare bottom but prior she has a smile from ear to ear. Also when the spanking ends she's still smiling.

Anonymous said...

I get the feeling that the sisters were smiling while taking turns with you in front of the mirror. You know, that regular smile that all sisters share.


Red said...

matt: I agree with your thoughts