flash point

With the long,  hot, muggy (old version of humid) summer days,
one must adopt different  clothing styles for the heat. I think this young lady has found a winning combination to go withthe black high heel shoes
No panty day can be any and every day in August, specially outside on a patio to get a little air on your body
incase the air conditioning is broken, always be prepared
a quick flash gives a wonderful thrill to all
 and skirts were designed specially for easy access...
 of course, when indoors, you might be spanked for such fun behavior, and for many ladies, it would be gladly accepted as a fitting end to a wonderful day, and then making love the icing on the cake..

bottoms up


kdpierre said...

I love flashes! They are so much fun in addition to being sexy.

Red said...

kdpierre: with a lot of my assuring Cindy, she has flashed me for photos many, many times.
bottoms up