female lead relationship fun photos

A little collection that maybe you can relate to...  some good ideas here, if taken with a LARGE GRAIN OF SALT, a very old expression....
 A gentleman would simply do this, whcih I have done for decades
and it is true, in most cases
 so the woman has to decide whether a verbal warning, or more
and thus, so goes life
and many of us men LOVE IT!!!
So have fun with female dominance...
this photo is delightful
enjoy the reality, or the fantasy
bottoms up
most photos from the following web site
and remember to enjoy life, because it does not last

and truly

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Dan Mel said...

I don't regret it for one minute when my wife decided to take control of our marriage. She is in charge and I obey her orders. I get spanked when I don't obey and she has the freedom to date anyone she wants. I am kept in chastity and I do all the chores in the house. It's a lot of work but I wouldn't have it any other way.