Cindy spanked again three days later

This has never happened before.

Three or four days later, Cindy had a melt down while cooking dinner, and nearly scalded herself on the face. This is partially my fault, as I like food hot, but Cindy sometimes mistimes the sequence.

How the scalding almost happened was Cindy's desire to have the plate look perfect. She was putting hot fettuccine, that was in a tomato sauce I had previously made,  onto the plate.  She lifted the pasta almost to above her face to get all the noodles dangling, so that then she could put the plate underneath and lower them into the middle. A little very hot saucer spattered on her face, hitting her glasses.

YIKES!!!!! What a stupid thing to do, and fortunate that she wears glasses.  We had quite a bit of  heated voices over this action. Cindy was truly raising her voice, and i kept trying to say calm down, stop shouting, but she threw a fit. Part of her argument is that you ALWAYS want it hot, and you get me upset and frustrated.

While we ate, and things were calmer, I explained that I have seen in restaurants where they simply wipe the edge of the plate if there is some sauce there. Standard practice, as the sauce was already on the pasta. She accepted that yes, that would be simpler, and solve the problem. (she never used to raise the fettuccine like she did this time.)

I then explained that if I cause frustration, then spank me, but let me help to sequence the meal preparation, so no anxiety or frustration.

Shrimp are already cleaned and ready for  a one minute grilling in a fry pan.
Sauce has been heated in the microwave.
Cook noodles, slightly al dente, and put in tomato sauce.
Put cooked asparagus (previously cut up, into sauce and noodles.
Now grill shrimps, and i can serve the pasta with asparagus onto the plates, and when the shrimps are ready, simply place them on top, grate some parmesan cheese on top, and top with a little ground pepper.

Cindy sort of tried to do all at once, and got upset and frustrated...

Later while eating, I stated how she almost harmed herself seriously, over a dinner.  The shouting and heated words, where I kept saying her to catch your breath, stop shouting...  I suggested she should be spanked. Not that I care that she shouted and was upset, that I can accept, but NOT doing something that almost injured her was really BADLY.

We dropped the topic.

The next day, I suggested she should be spanked for last night, and her response was "Not with the hair brush!"
Obviously, she accepted she should be spanked, and I reminded her that her spankings were with the hair brush, or I could always use the bath brush or tawse. 
Twenty slow spanks, like the last time, with the hair brush, over the knee, on her bare bottom. Far less fussing than the previous spanking, as I believe Cindy felt this was suitable for her previous evening actions.

Cindy thanked me afterwards for the spanking, and I felt nowhere near as begrudgingly as sometimes. All was well again, and to at least some of your surprise, i have not been spanked in the time since this spanking and time of writing four days later.\\

Maybe, sometimes Cindy knows her actions needed to be addressed with a spanking.
bottoms up


an English Rose said...

hi Red, My sympathy is with Cindy this time, it was your dinner she was faffing about with, just saying....
love Jan, xx

Cat said...

Color me shocked, Red! First that Cindy ended up with a spanking again so soon and second that you have not received a spanking since then.

One suggestion...put your pan of pasta and sauce in the sink...any mess is easy to clean up and it places it lower so it's easier to plate.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Anonymous said...

That was a close one for Cindy, glad she's OK. But the fussing was uncalled for and she really didn't resist. Hope it taught her something. Did just 20 even give her a red bottom?

Red said...

Jan: I beg to differ, it was our dinner she was making, but yes, she was trying to serve it hot, which is my desire.

Cat: I am somewhat shocked also, because, unlike me, Cindy can say NO! I have also informed her many times that even though she has earned a spanking, she can agree, but give it to me instead.
Absolutely love the suggestion..it makes sense, and I will inform Cindy of your brilliant, and very logical idea. I have since been spanked twice, with a third coming today.

archedone: very true, and yes , 20 makes a significant reddening on her bottom.

bottoms up

Njspank said...

Well done spankings just help the world