an attempt to humor and amuse you

Life is to be enjoyed.... always....    Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone being at risk from Hurricane Irma, so hopefully today's post can give a little cheer to everyone, at least for a moment..
well, it works for most problems...
remember, lead and he will follow
whether it be to his spanking
or his pleasuring you
and enjoy
sex is a fun way to enjoy life
bottoms up



Cat said...

Sending prayers for the protection of all in harms way of Irma. Thanks for the giggles, Red.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Anonymous said...

For those in the not so sunny state of FL if they still have power I'm sure they enjoyed this post. I know I did. For a short period I lived in FL and remember many areas the storm is going thru.

Red said...

Cat: glad I could make you smile
bottoms up

Red said...

archedone; hope everyone stays safe, and life returns to a more normal existence soon.

Njspank said...