13 million page views and counting

If spanking is not considered mainstream, it certainly is really close, but rarely talked about  publicly. This blog has had an amazing amount of people coming to take a look at ideas related to consensual spanking in a relationship

hopefully, it has given people the courage to talk about their desires in the spanking realm with their partner.

In addition, The "Consensual Spanking Idea" has more than 8,600,000 UNIQUE visits.

Time to explain a little about my blogger experiences.

I actually had a blog before this one, and am in the process of  bringing the old posts back to life.

That blog was entitled   http://spankedhubby.blogspot.com and has had more than 2,700,000 UNIQ|UE visits, before I took it out of circulation. Obviously, men being spanked is something many men desire.

This blog has had more than 5,900,000 unique visits.

Thus a grand total of more than 8.6 million UNIQU|E visits.

It now appears that the newest medium people are moving to is twitter, having possibly even moved on from Tumblr. However, I will continue to post whenever the muse strikes....

Remember, this is all FICTION, unless you have talked, and agreed some time previous to anyone ever being spanked...
 I am spanked maybe twenty or more times to any one spanking for Cindy, but she does get spanked at times, and agrees that she deserves it.
My bottom has looked like this many times, and the spanking had not finished.

Thank you to all my regular readers and specially to those wonderful friends who post a comment regularly.

bottoms up


juliesp said...

Congratulations on the big 1-3!!!!!

Hermione said...

Congratulations on an impressive number of hits!

I love the last image; what an inspiring sentence.


Anonymous said...

A Gazillion Thank's, and that is not even enough. Jack

an English Rose said...

Hi Red, congrats on all those reads!
love Jan, xx

Downunder Don said...

Wow...that is a lot of visits. Congratulations

Cat said...

Congratulations, Red...I enjoy visiting even when I don't comment.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Red! If I'm online and discussing spanking with anyone, I always tell them I read the Consensual Spanking Blog. Spread the wealth.


1ManView said...

Congrats... It means you are doing something very right....

peace and love

Anonymous said...

Congrats Red. Much of the credit for the blog goes to you. Those of us also into spanking keep coming back because of the way you write and keep things true to life. I also like looking at your old blog. Twitter I've never gone to it and probably never will.

ronnie said...

Red, congrats on those numbers. All down to you. Love to stop by.


Red said...

Juliesp: thank you very much. I enjoy reading your blog, and love your fun, kinky ideas.
Jack: thanks
Jan: Thanks, and i love reading about your life, now that you are back to occasionally blogging. When we next visit England, we must meet you and Ronnie and your spouses.

downunder don: thanks, it does appear that people like spanking.

Cat: thanks, and thanks for visiting...

Matt; thanks, and thank you for telling others.

imanview: thank you

archedone: Thank you for the kind words. Love that you comment on almost every post.

Ronnie; Thanks for the kind words, and I love your blog also, and intend to meet sometime when we next visit England.

bottoms up

Red said...

Hermione; I do not know how blogger sometimes hides comments, but this just appeared as awaiting publication, so i immediately published it. Thank you, my friend for your kind words, and yes, i love that last image also....
bottoms up

Njspank said...


Red said...

Ron; thanks for al the comments, .
bottoms up