"Behave well tonight" spanking

As I have already stated, I was given a choice of a spanking today,. or one tomorrow. Today would have been the third in three days. It would have been very effective, but I felt knowing a spanking tomorrow before we visited friends would have a longer lasting effect.  (or maybe I just did not want a spanking today, when I made the choice)

Tomorrow came, as it always does, until it never comes again.

I never mentioned the spanking, and Cindy was quite busy during the day. However, around 3Pm she walked into the room where I was and stated: "Time for your spanking!"

Cindy walked up the stairs, and I followed her. She decided the wooden bath brush, and a long cane from Ronnie.

After I moved the spanking chair into the middle of the room, I then retrieved Cindy's spanking shoes, and helped her put them on. Bare bottom, over her knee, Cindy asked if my arms and shoulders were okay. Responding yes, a flurry of hard spanks descended quickly, almost taking my breath away. (I counted eleven, as a distraction to the rapid beginning, but did count any afterwards).

A pause, as Cindy began the questioning: did I know why I was being spanked? My answer was yes. I had drank too much wine the last time we visited, and became somewhat argumentative in one case..  Correct..

WOW!. The flurry of hard spanks with that Vermont Country bath brush had me bouncing and owwing significantly. At least twenty or more spanks...

Another pause: so what are you going to do to prevent this re-occurring? I will make certain not to drink to much, and avoid again situations where I strongly disagree with something, and simply change the topic. CORRECT.

My, you are giving the correct answers... followed by many more rapid hard spanks. I could feel a MOISTENING in the corners of my eyes, even while bouncing around a bit, and dancing with my feet a little.

Okay, maybe we should review this, so stand  up and let us try the long cane....

As I took up position with my hands on the bed, bending at the waist, and holding my stomach in to protect my back...
Are your shoulders okay, your stomach muscles engaged? yes...

Many short rapid spanks, aiming for the far cheek, although both are being struck, and then many more only on the close cheek... and some harder strokes where the cane traveled a longer distance.
Do you think you will remember this conversation? Yes, dear.

Okay, a few more, and then we will stop.. maybe ten more, and I was permitted to stand, and I immediately thanked Cindy.

In looking in the mirror, my bottom was a dark red for the bottom half, but white at the top. Reason, is that Cindy states : not enough meat there.
Thus, to redden this area a little, I stood upright, while another ten or so strokes with the cane were applied to this area. OWWWWWWWW!

End result...
Two different feelings, one for the dark red part of my bottom, and one for the red lined area of the top of my bottom.

I drank modestly, slowly, and refused a refill of my glass a couple of times.
Everyone was charming, including me.

thought it would be nicer to see women's spanked bottoms, instead of mine
bottoms up


Spanked the next Day

Cindy is in the mood, of not tolerating dumb things. That is, I am being spanked often. Yesterday morning, the day after the last spanking, Cindy walked into the computer room, holding the wooden soup stirrer.


Bend over the couch and lower your pants and underwear. Yes, Dear.

Many hard spanks later, Cindy paused to explain what I had done that upset her.  A foolish action on my part, where I had done a little (or a lot) too much elaboration on something I thought she was forgetting to do. She had planned the meals around my schedule for the day, but I had afterwards talked about how she had not put her shopping of cosmetics away, and they were still on the dining room table. I apologized. (smart man, but  a little too late). (In my defense, which I did not say in the middle of being spanked, that pants she had purchased were still in the bag on the couch five days after being purchased. In addition, the bedding that we had recently purchased: we had already put the duvet cover on, and I had washed the sheets on the weekend, but they still were not used to make the bed in the spare bedroom on the Wednesday.

Then more spanks, each hard, and meant to be felt, significantly.

When Cindy stated I could get up, I apologized again, and then thanked her for planning the meals for being appropriate for my early evening sporting activity.

Permitted to look in the mirror, my bottom was quite red, and fiercely red in a few places.

In case you have not noticed, I leave a spanking post of myself or Cindy being spanked without a following new post the next day.

Thus, this spanking actually happened yesterday, and Cindy just a short while ago, asked whether I wanted my warning "behave" spanking today or tomorrow.  She re-counted how I misbehaved the previous year at these people's house, I remembered, and said tomorrow, as it will be a sore bottom I am sitting on while eating. By the time this is posted, I will have already been spanked again.

I can readily say that Cindy approves of spanking me as a way to change behavior, and solve problems.

bottoms up


Red very red three days later

Everyone knew this would happen, and it did. I made a silly comment about Cindy being busy and not consulting with me, and became a little huffy about it.

Cindy came into the computer room a few minutes later, and told me to get upstairs for my spanking. She was not going to put up with my being "pouty" all day.

I was informed to get the short tawse, and the OTK cane, which I dumbly stated "was not very effective last time" Talk about waving a red flag in front of a bull....

First, move the sparking chair to the middle of the room, then retrieve the implements. Now, take out her high heel shoes so that I am raised at a good level over her knee. Bare bottom, otk.

Zero warm-up!  This is something that Cindy has never done, as the point of a spanking is to be effective.  The tawse was used with vigor, as I explained about my last spanking. Cindy has learned how to use it effectively, and my owwing and feet dancing put on a show.

Cindy paused, but only to give herself a breather, and check on my arms and shoulders. She began again with many spanks before stopping, simply saying let us move to the bed. Place the pillows appropriately, had be now prone over the pillows with my bottom prominently in the air. Numerous more with the tips of the tawse wrapping, or entering between my cheeks.

Cindy paused, simply to change implements, and wow did she use the OTK cane. Many hard strokes, followed by many rapid strokes raining down like a thunderstorm. A pause, and then a little question: So, do you think you should write that lady you bought this from and say it is not very effective?

This was punctuated in bold with many , many more short rapid spanks, I was permitted to reply : it is very very effective...

Numerous more spanks, and then I was permitted to rise, and thank Cindy for my spanking.

Zero poutiness the remainder of the day, and a very pleasant day. but with a sore and red bottom.
A pinkish bottom still existed the next morning.

bottoms up


Cindy spanked again three days later

This has never happened before.

Three or four days later, Cindy had a melt down while cooking dinner, and nearly scalded herself on the face. This is partially my fault, as I like food hot, but Cindy sometimes mistimes the sequence.

How the scalding almost happened was Cindy's desire to have the plate look perfect. She was putting hot fettuccine, that was in a tomato sauce I had previously made,  onto the plate.  She lifted the pasta almost to above her face to get all the noodles dangling, so that then she could put the plate underneath and lower them into the middle. A little very hot saucer spattered on her face, hitting her glasses.

YIKES!!!!! What a stupid thing to do, and fortunate that she wears glasses.  We had quite a bit of  heated voices over this action. Cindy was truly raising her voice, and i kept trying to say calm down, stop shouting, but she threw a fit. Part of her argument is that you ALWAYS want it hot, and you get me upset and frustrated.

While we ate, and things were calmer, I explained that I have seen in restaurants where they simply wipe the edge of the plate if there is some sauce there. Standard practice, as the sauce was already on the pasta. She accepted that yes, that would be simpler, and solve the problem. (she never used to raise the fettuccine like she did this time.)

I then explained that if I cause frustration, then spank me, but let me help to sequence the meal preparation, so no anxiety or frustration.

Shrimp are already cleaned and ready for  a one minute grilling in a fry pan.
Sauce has been heated in the microwave.
Cook noodles, slightly al dente, and put in tomato sauce.
Put cooked asparagus (previously cut up, into sauce and noodles.
Now grill shrimps, and i can serve the pasta with asparagus onto the plates, and when the shrimps are ready, simply place them on top, grate some parmesan cheese on top, and top with a little ground pepper.

Cindy sort of tried to do all at once, and got upset and frustrated...

Later while eating, I stated how she almost harmed herself seriously, over a dinner.  The shouting and heated words, where I kept saying her to catch your breath, stop shouting...  I suggested she should be spanked. Not that I care that she shouted and was upset, that I can accept, but NOT doing something that almost injured her was really BADLY.

We dropped the topic.

The next day, I suggested she should be spanked for last night, and her response was "Not with the hair brush!"
Obviously, she accepted she should be spanked, and I reminded her that her spankings were with the hair brush, or I could always use the bath brush or tawse. 
Twenty slow spanks, like the last time, with the hair brush, over the knee, on her bare bottom. Far less fussing than the previous spanking, as I believe Cindy felt this was suitable for her previous evening actions.

Cindy thanked me afterwards for the spanking, and I felt nowhere near as begrudgingly as sometimes. All was well again, and to at least some of your surprise, i have not been spanked in the time since this spanking and time of writing four days later.\\

Maybe, sometimes Cindy knows her actions needed to be addressed with a spanking.
bottoms up


Red truly spanked the next day

Some things are forewarned in the stars... The day after I spanked Cindy, i was well spanked.

The reason: we were going out with good friends, but they also occasionally during the evening get on your nerves... best not say anything else...

Thus, a warning behave tonight spanking was given...

How was it different. Cindy used the short tawse on my "over her knee bare bottom". Cindy used the tawse to spank one cheek at a time, whereas she usually uses it across both cheeks at once.

The fingers of the tawse truly entered my crack between the cheeks, and my feet started dancing and re-acting at the first spank. Cindy must have seen this, and realized: "This is REALLY EFFECTIVE".
Thus, many spanks to the closest cheek, and then she moved to the furthest cheek. he furthest cheek permitted the tawse to wrap somewhat down my right side. Again, this elicited owws and squirming, a definite sign that she was being effective, and thus , something to continue.
Many spanks were given, and then Cindy paused, but only to question me on the meaning of a warning spanking. I explained : If I misbehave, a  more severe spanking when I get home."

Well said!  Then Cindy began the spanking again, refreshed from her brief pause, and I was reacting significantly.
After many spanks, again visiting the crack OFTEN!!!!!!, Cindy stated, okay, let's try this small cane from Ronnie.

The short OTK cane was a first time use, and it is very effective, as Cindy spanked with rapid swooshing strokes on my bottom.

Every spank had strength behind it, as Cindy wanted to return the favor of her being spanked yesterday.
I was permitted to stand up, and immediately thanked Cindy for the spanking.

When I looked in the mirror, my bottom was very red, but really fire engine red between the cheeks, an area that is rarely if ever spanked. I guess that tawse is even more effective than I knew it could be.

Truly, a very effective spanking. My bottom was sore throughout the evening, as we sat and watched a fun performer (singer). The next morning after a shower, the inner crack was still red, whereas the cheeks were pink.

Keep enjoying life. We are!

bottoms up


Cindy's turn to be spanked OTK

Let one thing be clear: Cindy does not enjoy being spanked, but I do enjoy spanking her cute bottom.

She has been spanked many times over the years, and you can read about them by looking at the drop down list on the side of this blog entitled Cindy's spankings. I had not thought to make a dropdown quick access to her spankings, so many of the spankings are titled the same, but I assure you that they are all on different occasions.

I also realize, in re-publishing of some of spankedhubby.blogspot.com, she has been spanked for many years.

The reason: Cindy is sometimes a bull in a china shop. She trimmed the flowers outside, which we have been working on all year extending the garden. When I worked in the garden the next day, I put some weeds in the bin, and found many lily stems with half opened NEW  buds that had not yet opened. Every stem in the lilies had been cut off, with no distinction between new and old. A mistake.

I showed a few of them to Cindy, stating you made a mistake, but she strongly disagreed and stated : no, they were all dead flowers. It took some convincing to have her realize that these were the half way point of new flowers, not the dead remains. This is a different type of lily from earlier in the year.

I stated she needs a proper spanking to make her remember before she goes gardening. I would have acquiesced, except she had originally argued that they were dead and completely and almost high handed dismissed the idea, until i had her REALLY LOOK

I repeated, a REAL sparking, with the hair brush. She said no, (not NO!!!), and stated I do not wish to be spanked. I reminded her that spankings have worked for her in the past, and gave her two examples. one was leaving shoes in the middle of the floor where we could fall and injure our self. Shoes are almost always away, or beside the wall now, and if not, a simple : do you need a reminder spanking, and they are away immediately, and for a few weeks later.
The second was a reminder that she requested a spanking so that she could read a book on a cruise ship, instead of us spending time together that evening. The book would have disappeared from her IPad at midnight.

Bare bottom, over my knee, while I am sitting on the spanking chair. a fun rubbing her bottom while i lectured why she was over my knee, and how she can avoid it in the future. I was having much more fun than Cindy.

A slow spanking, of two spanks, one to each cheek, and a pause, while Cindy owwed and requested not so Hard!

Another two spanks, and her bottom is showing some red. A pause for the spanking to sink in, and the uncomfortable idea that she is over my knnes to be spanked.

Two more.  OWws

Two more, and Cindy's response that: that is enough... Reply, that is only eight, and we need to get to twenty.

Two more... that must be twenty... No, would you like the next ten fast or slow.... No response,,,, I well know the dilemma of wanting it to stop, but not wanting to endure a long flurry of spanks...

two more, followed by six lighter spanks given quickly... with Cindy squirming on my lap to avoid the spanks...

Massage Cindy's bottom a little, and she is soon on her feet, begrudgingly thanks me for her spanking...
and you just know I will be spanked in the near future...
Cindy's bottom was no where near this red, but she knew she had been spanked..

I reminded Cindy that all i have to do is raise an eyebrow, or mention be careful what you trim, and she will now be EXTREMELY careful.

bottoms up


Spanked before a guest arrives

We were having an overnight guest, so I suggested a short spanking before the guest arrived, to remind me of excellent behavior, and no dumb jokes, that are sometimes deemed demeaning...
Cindy decided on using one of Ronnie's canes

Cindy had me bend over at the waist, hands on the bed... make certain your abs are engaged, and then gave about twelve quick swooshing strokes, mostly simply bringing  the arm back a little, and the hand back and through.. i thought she was finished, but as I started to stand up, she stated. I AM NOT FINISHED.

What followed were about twenty quick hard strokes

I was then permitted to stand up, and immediately thanked Cindy for the spanking.
When looking in the mirror, there were many fine red lines, but not bright red. WOW!!! I felt them all, and my bottom was sore. I wondered what it would be like with long hard strokes, and AM NOT eager to suggest this. 

We used the slightly more firmer and thicker cane, as the thinner more whippy cane is even more effective.

The visit was a great success. The spanking helped.

Some days, this is how you feel when you are doing your banking..

bottoms up


Another reason why I am spanked

Cindy gets very uptight when we are having family coming to stay with us, or guests coming for dinner or staying with us. She is somewhat stressed that I might say something stupid, or make a joke that she thinks is derogatory. I do not do this, but when stressed, her sense of humor disappears.

Thus, the day of arrival, i asked her if it would help if she spanked me before any guests arrived. She immediately accepted the offer. In a flash, I was bare bottom, over her knees, while she was on the bed supported by the backboard of the bed.

A very slow but vigorous spanking was delivered to my bottom with the wooden bath brush. Some pauses to elaborate on how I was to behave, not to make jokes that demean her (which I profess I never do), and my bottom was truly hot, red and sore by the time she declared that I could get up.

I thanked her for the spanking, and she had a very happy, satisfied and content look on her face.

Spankings work, and her stress was relieved. The weekend was absolutely great.
PS: my bottom was much redder than this, with much more coverage

We did not take a picture, as I have problems with Windows 10, but this photo is from our vacation, and I believe I have saved and protected it from Windows ten portfolio by month. Okay, writing this post, and there was the photo in photos.. damn windows ten, but at least now I know it has been deleted.

Smile for today...

bottoms up


an attempt to humor and amuse you

Life is to be enjoyed.... always....    Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone being at risk from Hurricane Irma, so hopefully today's post can give a little cheer to everyone, at least for a moment..
well, it works for most problems...
remember, lead and he will follow
whether it be to his spanking
or his pleasuring you
and enjoy
sex is a fun way to enjoy life
bottoms up



Fantasy Day

To put it gently, some of the people who comment may more be re-telling a fantasy than a real story. However, many people might not believe that I am spanked...

Thus, for today, let us delve into the fantasy of your being spanked and someone walks in... who has no idea that you are spanked.
It is obvious that this is a common occurrence in the photo, in that the bottom is quite red, so the person has been accepting the spanking for a minute or more
and now, the person walks behind you to see how red your bottom is....
However, maybe the spanker is surprised
but don't expect her to stop, so keep your head buried and maybe you might not know who just walked in..
even though now the secret is out, and many more will still know
best solution is to behave, and not have the problem described below
bottoms up


a friend was spanked

This is a wonderful caption, that is very true in many households

We personally know this couple, and she has also spanked me. We started communicating a very long time ago, when she started searching the internet, and came across my www.spankedhubby.blogspot.com
He had introduced spanking into their relationship, and she was searching about men being spanked, and I happily encouraged her that it was equally fine for a woman to spank her man.

She never looked backwards after that, and although she was occasionally spanked, he was and is spanked much more often, and I think he is the only one that is spanked.

Do you think, that:

SUBCONSCIO|USLY, you misbehave.
just to be spanked?  

your thoughts
Personally, I think I do sometimes with out knowing I am doing it.

 too good to resist

bottoms up


13 million page views and counting

If spanking is not considered mainstream, it certainly is really close, but rarely talked about  publicly. This blog has had an amazing amount of people coming to take a look at ideas related to consensual spanking in a relationship

hopefully, it has given people the courage to talk about their desires in the spanking realm with their partner.

In addition, The "Consensual Spanking Idea" has more than 8,600,000 UNIQUE visits.

Time to explain a little about my blogger experiences.

I actually had a blog before this one, and am in the process of  bringing the old posts back to life.

That blog was entitled   http://spankedhubby.blogspot.com and has had more than 2,700,000 UNIQ|UE visits, before I took it out of circulation. Obviously, men being spanked is something many men desire.

This blog has had more than 5,900,000 unique visits.

Thus a grand total of more than 8.6 million UNIQU|E visits.

It now appears that the newest medium people are moving to is twitter, having possibly even moved on from Tumblr. However, I will continue to post whenever the muse strikes....

Remember, this is all FICTION, unless you have talked, and agreed some time previous to anyone ever being spanked...
 I am spanked maybe twenty or more times to any one spanking for Cindy, but she does get spanked at times, and agrees that she deserves it.
My bottom has looked like this many times, and the spanking had not finished.

Thank you to all my regular readers and specially to those wonderful friends who post a comment regularly.

bottoms up