Spanked before the vacation

Briefly writing a post while relaxing, after drinking too much wine last night! It appears we are in a cycle of frequent significant spankings.
Two days before leaving, when we were walking in the door from a neighbors  house, I was told to go get a tawse and bring it to me!!!
I was very quickly bare bottom over Cindy's knees for a strong, rapid fire tawsing that had my feet dancing immensely and immediately. After many spanks, a pause to explain what I had done that incensed Cindy, and then the spanking commenced again with renewed vigor.
Eventually the spanking ended, and I was permitted to rise, apologize for my transgression, and thank Cindy for the spanking. My bottom was a fire engine red, and was still sore for our day long drive  36 hours later.
A far better solution than being angry at each other for hours or days.
Bottoms up


  1. My wife never spanks when she is mad, so if we are going on vacation and I know I've earned a spanking, she has waited until we have gotten to the hotel or final destination and given the spanking. She could care less if I'm heard, seen squirming at the restaurant, or even who we may be visiting. She wants the spanking to be effective and not out of anger and trust me I wish she would just do it instead of waiting. Jack

    1. I know how it feels to be spanked in a hotel room! It happens a lot when we are on vacation (most recently in July!)... and I have had to get used to "knowing glances"...


  2. Hi Red, hope you are having a great holiday :)
    love Jan, xx

  3. Jack: waiting for a spanking certainly increases the worry. Your partner planning ahead increases her determination to make the spanking effective, and memorable

    Jan: we are
    Bottoms up


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