adventurous Tuesdays.. tasting your own cum

Something that some (many??) men might think is quite mainstream in the caption world of tumblr and blogger.
Cindy was reluctant at first, and her statements were very much along the line "are you sure you don't mind"
Has your wife ever said to you...
or maybe...
This is very, very true in our love making
If you are a woman who is reading this blog... have you ever asked your husband.. 
and really, with all the oral videos of a man shooting his cum on a woman... is this not appropriate?

Tasting a woman's cum with your own is delicious..
For more photos and captions of this type
Your thoughts..
and if you have never tried it, there is always this solution
bottoms up


  1. When first married my wife used to suck me after sex. then one night she said I want you to clean me lick my pussy clean. I did what she asked and didn't really care for it. But after all these years of licking her clean I love it. Our mixed juices taste wonderful.

    1. She sounds assertive. Sounds like she was always meant to spank you.


  2. When me and my wife were having sex she always sat on my face after I cum in her but since I don't fuck her anymore and she keeps me in chastity she now has me clean pussy out after her boyfriend fucks her.

  3. On our wedding night I received my first hairbrush spanking and my first taste of cum. My wife gave me a blow job and I released in her mouth which she quickly gave back to me with along kiss. I didn't realize she had kept this her mouth and I ended up swallowing it. Both the spankings and the BJ's and me enjoying her giving my cum back to me. the only thing is when I misbehave there is no BJ just me standing in the corner with a soundly spanked bottom. William

  4. anon: absolutely, the idea gets better with age. We are too prim and proper when young.
    matt; could be, as an assertive wife is a GOOD THING... men need to be challenged at times and kept in their place, as a companion, not a lord and ruler.

    Dan: thanks for sharing.. not something we will ever do.

    William: sounds absolutely delightful
    bottoms up


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