The Tawse

A implement that can create a lot  of worry, in a person's mind
Seeing your wife holding it
and maybe having to follow her to another room
Arriving home and seeing her standing at the stairs holding it
and having to folo w her up the stairs to your fateful meeting with the tawse
We have two, and both are demons on your bottom
and yet, so easy for the spanker to use, and so very very effective...
Just be careful in your reactions...

bottoms up


  1. I find this the most effective when my husband has messed up. He is sent to the bedroom and he best be ready when I come, I walk up the stairs loud. It is afterwards coming down the stairs, he is crying, covering his bottom, naked, and will stand facing the wall in the front room to insure he does not rub. Mary

  2. I've heard you mention the tawse so many times and they do look effective and soon I'm going to buy one and find out for myself. You have two to feel you are very lucky and soon I'll join you in that. I'll probably be sorry but I have to know.

  3. The tawse is very effective, Take note Archedone:)


  4. Mary: sounds like an effective method

    archedone: ENJOY!!! Let me know your opinion afterwards, and the opinion of your lovely wife.

    Ronnie: very true..
    bottoms up


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