The strong woman

Time to return to finding (or re-finding) blogs where the man is spanked in a loving relationship by his partner.

This is a wonderfully written and article site, and many of my readers already visit it frequently

The author (Ms Tina) in the most recent post talks about what she means by 24/7. It is a very thoughtful and excellent explanation. I recommend you find this article, if you are looking at this page sometime in the future months from when it was posted.



As you know, any site I mention has things that I like, but some of the spankings may be too severe for my and Cindy's liking.  Just as I recommend tumblrs, some of the photos are excellent, and some are not to my liking.

However, some of the things we do may not exactly be some readers cup of tea either.

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

I married a strong woman and a caring woman. My wife understands me than I do myself at times. The spankings started while dating and always over her lap. Her grip is strong and I can squirm, kick, all I want, going no where. She has her special hairbrush and when I'm really in trouble the bath brush is applied. I need the spankings, they help, and she needs to be in control, so the marriage works. Jack

kdpierre said...

As an ex-HR Manager I always have to roll my eyes at the sheer quantity of spanking-in-the-workplace cartoons. This one had me thinking of her responding: "Gee, Boss, as long as I'm looking under 'S' for spanking, how about if I look up 'Sexual Harassment Lawsuit' as well?"

As a person who actually lives the lifestyle with your wonderful Cindy, do you ever get tired of how fellow spankos often insert spankings into the most implausible situations? There are plenty of ways to enjoy spanking that you, I, and others in the lifestyle have explored. Why can't more people use believable scenarios as inspiration for spanking humor and jokes?

Or maybe I'm just being curmudgeonly?

Red said...

Jack: glad it works for both of you. It works similarly for me and Cindy.

kdpierre: curmudgeon.... possibly... as I might also be... This is a artwork that I believe comes form the fifties, when I was growing up. Sheer fantasy, but fantasy is always fun, if NOT acted on. I feel sometimes our politically correct attitudes are way over the top. Next time I will have the boss being spanked... and equally good fantasy, as now I enjoy being spanked... and need to be spanked at times to stay happy.. but if I had been a HR Manager, I would have to look at everything through those politically correct glasses day and night...
bottoms up

kdpierre said...

Perhaps it's political correctness, but I think it's not a bad thing to know that your working wife, girlfriend, or daughter never has to worry about some paunchy, stodgy boss spanking her for her spelling. Maybe that's what gets to me about those cartoons: I always picture the victim as a female loved one and imagine myself punching the jerk.

As for bosses being spanked? Hmmmm. That could work! At least then you'd know it wasn't the result of workplace intimidation.

And while I do think that some people ALWAYS take things too far, the basic premise behind 'political correctness' is a good one. It scares me a bit that the term has now become so linked to ridiculous extremes that it currently has a negative connotation.....very much like 'feminist' or, if you my blog post....'elite'.

As for 'fantasy'? I like it. But even the most far-fetched fantasies work better for me if they revolve around something plausible or relatable. But I'm fussy that way.

All the best!

Red said...

KDPIERRE: absolutely agree with paragraph one. I would also punch and attack anyone who treated any woman I know that way, unless it was consensual, without any power position , etc....
paragraph 2: yes, I have only published a few of them, as they are a true scarcity, specially when using spanking art from the fifties and sixties.

paragraph 3: absolutely, but some cases go too far with the concept. Canadian government apologizing to Omar Kadir and giving him 10 million dollars, as opposed to throwing him in prison and throwing away the key.
lastly, fantasy is fun for me. The reality of many situations would not be.

thanks for writing.