Spanking Implements count

A recent post showing spanking implements on a wall, has made me wonder how many spanking implements that we own.
Here is a basket full of trouble, that I found at a friend's house when we visited. She spanked me using implement(s) from this arsenal. you can rad about it on the link below.
The rules for this count are:
  • You have been spanked with the implement, even though it is not the implement's primary purpose, you should count it as a spanking implement.
  • Think about all the spankings you may have received and also given, and count the total.
  • a hand is an implement, but let us just count everyones' hand that has spanked you as only one.

I was going to put a poll here, but Sparklit has closed down, so it's free polls are no longer available. If anyone knows how to use a free poll within a post, do let me know. (This looks like fun)

Let me start:
5 canes form Ronnie
1 cane from DWC
1 carpet beater (masttenklopper) from Danielle
1 Ms hurley from Danielle
1 'Holey Terror' from DWC
1 'old reliable' wooden paddle from DWC
2 tawses from Can-iac 
1 loopy johnny from Can-iac
1 leather studded heart shaped paddle
1 long leather paddle
1 five finger leather paddle
1 round shaped leather paddle
1 flogger (rarely used)
1 wooden soup stirrer
1 wooden spoon
2 different leather belts
1 occasional slipper
1 hand
2 different wooden hair brushes
1 sort of strings of leather... really no effect whatsoever

so far, my list is 27 in number, but I am certain it is more.... or has felt that way...

we had, but discarded
1 whippy cane from dwc (but it wrapped terribly and he tip would mark badly for days and days)
1 dwc hard rubber type prison strap (the dominator) which was just awful, with intense searing pain with a flick of the wrist... just not our cup of tea.
1 lexan paddle, which was just  BLAH!!!!even though it had holes

No need to write all the implements (but you may if you wish), but it would be great if you left your fictitious name, the count, and whether you are the spanker or the spankee.

bottoms up


  1. I could never count the number of implements in our home. But at one point it was easily several hundred.

    Unbelievable? O.K. I'll give you the back story. My wife AKA Aunt Kay used to have a very active website and she had several vendors crating implements she custom designed. So I was counting her inventory....

    But these days there are still probably a hundred around. She has a very unique collection with implements she really likes that were never designed for that purpose.

    1. Hi. So is your wife the Aunt Kay from the Disciplinary Wives Club? If so, it sounds like she (and you) have helped a lot of marriages. Grat work!


    2. the answer is yes for Tomy. Here is a link
      bottoms up

    3. We moved a few months ago and yesterday, much to my chagrin, she found a good-sized plastic tub with a bunch of implements in it we had both forgotten about.

    4. Tomy: such a wonderful (???) surprise. hopefully your wife uses them and not Aunt Kay.
      bottoms up

    5. Hmm maybe "wonderful" for her.

    6. AWWWWW... every implement gives a different feel, so many pleasures to be enjoyed, (as long as Aunt kay is not using them.
      bottoms up

  2. Hi Red, I have no idea how many, but it is not as many as you!
    love Jan, xx

  3. OMG! This is like trying to track down and remember every girl I ever kissed. Sorry, Red, while I've always been proud of my memory, by the rules stated, there's no way I could come up with an accurate number. Like you, and not counting the number of discarded natural switches used in the wild, probably also well over two dozen, and like you said, with deeper thought more likely even more, but I could never name them all .....or even remember where they all are. Ours are everywhere from drawers and closets, to walls, other rooms, and even the garage.

  4. Hi Tomy; wonderful....
    Jan: Well, seems like I should send a present or two...
    kdpierre: so, I misspoke, thinking of only the ones that are current in your house. Delightful that their is always a implement handy wherever you might be in the house.
    bottoms up


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