SOMEDAYS, you feel like this

this is  the way it goes
 and sometimes, Cindy has the same thought
 come here
effective from the first spank
and if your feet kcik too much, they are restrained
You can almost hear the words   ...
"That spanking really hurt darling."
"Well, that's exactly what you needed, and you will have more in the future whenever needed"

I am happy that she follows through on the thought, as, being spanked washes away stress, misbehavior, or simple blah feelings
Do spankings work for you and your partner?

bottoms up


an English Rose said...

Hi Red, and somedays we get just what we want!
love Jan, xx

Anonymous said...

spankings in this house work wonders. Been a couple of weeks since my last one and that is fine my BD is coming up and I'm going to be plenty sore when she is done.

Red said...

Jan: In our house,, t is many days at the moment, but I am not compalaining.
archedone: may your birthday be memorable, and a wonderful day, and hopefully a prelude to another great year.
bottoms up