just before being spanked

Today's rendition is what many men last see before going OTK. Sometimes, you only focus on the implement.
Sometimes you see the happy smile on her face, when she sees the look of fear that your face exhibits when you see this belt
Sometimes you only see her stare, as no words are necessary to explain what is about to happen, and then you see the belt
The look, the arms on hips, and then you see the carpet beater (with your bottom to be the carpet)
the beckoning finger, which is TRULY a order you cannot refuse

that dastardly paddle
or just such a happy smile, knowing that you see the implement, and you also realize how much FUN she is going to have spanking you

bottoms up


an English Rose said...

Hi Red, some scary women there!
love Jan, xx

Red said...

archedone: Very happy for you that you had a fun time with family on your birthday. Glad also to know that the tawse was the icing on the cake for a memorable experience. Just imagine if our grandchildren could read this fifty years from now!

Jan: any spanker with a determined look is SCARY, even my loving and very beautiful wife!

Jack: that about sums it up.

Dan: so very true...

Joe: sounds really effective, and wonderful (at lest the finsihing touches.
bottoms up

Joe said...

Red a good spanking really relieves my stress and let's me focus on what's important. The happy ending certainly helps ;<)