Happy 4th of July INDEPENDENCE DAY to everyone

Our flag has red, white and blue, but we do NOT recommend that a person's bottom be blue, but nicely reddened is always acceptable  in a consensual spanking scenario.
Thus, grin and bare it.... like this young lady outdoors

or this young lady indoors
Maybe enjoy seeing the implement arriving, and your reaction at the same time, in the mirror
Happily your partner awaits your lowering your pants
and she will happily bare your bottom
and then
let the fireworks begin

smile and celebrate

bottoms up


Baxter said...

great blog. love the picture of the woman bare assed over the branch. Our agenda today is relaxation, bike ride, sex, and spanking, in no particular order. wishing you a great fourth.

Joe said...

Happy 4th Red thanks for the great post.

Fondles said...

happy 4th of july! May there be lovely fireworks in your house!

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a great 4th Red. Our 4th was relaxing, a BBQ and fire works on my bottom in the morning and afternoon. A great day for us.

Red said...

Baxter: Hope your fourth was everything you both desired. . Thanks for the kind words

Joe: Happy 4th to you also

Fondles: family visiting, so fireworks will occur shortly thereafter. Hope you had some for me.

archedone: twice in one day.. does that mean the BBQ was well roasted?

bottoms up