consensual spanking is a solution

Having given your partner the right to spank you whenever they feel your behavior merits a spanking, realize the following:
Sometimes you just mess-up, and do something that you really did not mean to do!
The solution is easy for solving a man's misbehavior
The procedure is easy
you might even have him wear this afterwards
(above photos from trix7788.tumblr.com)
and, if the woman has misbehaved, you can look at the misbehavior as her simply  GIVING YOU THIS COUPON!.
so, bare her bottom (You can almost here her say: not my panties)
and have her learn the errors of her ways

then, everyone is back to smiling.. the problem is solved

I was criticized for a anti-trump captioned photo, so here is one for the Trump side
and a bit for both sides
and one for everyone
bottoms up


  1. I agree husband problems can be solved by bending him over and paddling his bottom and scolding him until you get your message across.

  2. Jan: certainly wish I was there to watch. Now that the neighbors know, there will be no need to close the windows in summer when he is spanked. Thanks fro sharing.

    archedone: so very true. we are going to a get together on the weekend, and I have been promised a spanking before we go.
    bottoms up

  3. I love the gif where you can almost hear her begging for her panties. Luckily she gets a dose of bare-bottomed discipline too,
    and she hopefully learns her lesson that way.


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