SOMEDAYS, you feel like this

this is  the way it goes
 and sometimes, Cindy has the same thought
 come here
effective from the first spank
and if your feet kcik too much, they are restrained
You can almost hear the words   ...
"That spanking really hurt darling."
"Well, that's exactly what you needed, and you will have more in the future whenever needed"

I am happy that she follows through on the thought, as, being spanked washes away stress, misbehavior, or simple blah feelings
Do spankings work for you and your partner?

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SPANKEDHUBBY (reviving a old blog)

Enough time has passed by, that I can revive a older blog, and for those interested, they can connect the dots which they had believed from the start....
I was blogging as DWCMIKE in 2005, and am now re-posting those posts, from the beginning, one or two a day.

I HAD a difference of opinion about posting about a spanking gathering with some participants!

Those posts will NEVER be mentioned, and I WILL NOT EVER be posting anything about the event.

It is fun to think that using stat counter, there were 2,750,000 visits to the site, and this site you are reading has more than 5,800,000 individual visits.

(total more than 8.000,000 unique visits to a spanking blog)

So, if you really want to read my original thoughts when I posted in 2005,and for  a few years,  click on the link

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Caned with Ronnie's Canes

The canes took just ten actual days to arrive, the ten days including the day mailed and the day received, and includes a weekend. Extremely fast, and maybe a little too fast.

It took only one day for me to receive the benefits of their arrival.

Cindy stated early in the day that I imagine I will have to spank you later, as we have two weekend engagements, and this will help ensure good behavior.

Later that day, when Cindy stated it was time for your spanking!!!!, she asked me to give her one of the canes my friend had sent. (we had purchased 4, and Ronnie included a fifth for good luck, and because of our friendship.... (some friend you might say...an extra cane! YIKES!!!)

Not being the dumbest person on the internet, I took them out, experimented with the swish, and picked the one that was LEAST swishy.

Bare bottomed, bending at the waist, hand on bed for support. While in this position, Cindy always asks if my back is okay, are my abs tightened, and responding yes, the spanking begins.
Cindy was mild with the strokes, but I felt every one of them. Cindy remarked how this was making nice red lines across my bottom. Some were swishy, but most were not. However, my bottom was treated to about thirty strokes.

To ensure good behaviour, I was then  positioned prone on the bed, with my bottom raised by two pillows at my groin, and another ten good strokes were applied.  Strokes like this this following gif leave a very DEEP BURNING SENSATION.
Cindy did NOT use the arm swing and force that she normally uses with the tawse, or bath brush, but this was a very effective spanking.

Thus, when she uses them with a real intensity, they will be something that truly catches your attention IMMEDIATELY!!!  (and this was the least swishy cane)

I have felt the effect of the cane throughout the day, and into the next day.

If you have never been caned, I highly recommend you purchase one or two from Ronnie. Tell her that I recommended you

Almost forgot! we then a hour or two later made love, and it was SPECTACULAR!

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Ladies get to choose Day

The title can imply one of two things, either the lady is the spanker, or the spankee...
So, will she be waiting to spank you
 or waiting to be spanked
will he be spanked (maybe with a tawse0
 or will  she be waiting for his belt on her bottom

Lady readers:  state your preference for today,
and the man must comply!
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The strong woman

Time to return to finding (or re-finding) blogs where the man is spanked in a loving relationship by his partner.

This is a wonderfully written and article site, and many of my readers already visit it frequently

The author (Ms Tina) in the most recent post talks about what she means by 24/7. It is a very thoughtful and excellent explanation. I recommend you find this article, if you are looking at this page sometime in the future months from when it was posted.



As you know, any site I mention has things that I like, but some of the spankings may be too severe for my and Cindy's liking.  Just as I recommend tumblrs, some of the photos are excellent, and some are not to my liking.

However, some of the things we do may not exactly be some readers cup of tea either.

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the belt

A very common way to be spanked, is simply for a belt to be used. Most men wear a belt daily, so they have the implement  handy to either spank, or be spanked with.
The fear and anticipation that starts as the belt is slowly being removed
 seducing you into the scene of your spanking
It 's longing and loving cress by the spanker
and then those words you dread (while she has a look of enjoyment saying those words)
and without further delay 
Cindy has used my belt to spank me many times in the past. 

if you would like to see a few sites devoted primarily to the belt


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Spanking thoughts for today

This lady is looking back hoping to be spanked

 Whereas this lady is willing to show you how to spank her bottom
and this lady's wistful look awaits the spanks
However, sometimes the butterflies cause you to try to run away at the last moment
and asking not to be spanked simply means a longer and harder spanking
A few friendly pats
Then, gently, she moves you into the proper position to be spanked
This young lady is smiling at the thought of her handsome man spanking her . He looks more worried of giving the spnaking, than she does expecting to receive a spanking

Afterwards, it is all smiles
Sometimes a grin from ear to ear
and sometimes a tad of reluctance in asking to be spanked for REAL!!

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