looking back

Sometimes you look back, bare bottomed, awaiting the approach of your spanker... and the words to "Bend Over"
Sometimes you look back to see the redness of your poor bottom
after having been spanked
Knowing that your bottom has paid the price
for whatever misbehavior you have committed
Occasionally, you might even be spanked with your friend, as their partner and your partner are willing to spank you whenever it is neededs 
but if you look back with annoyance or anger at your spanker...
That simply means the spanker has not gotten their message through to you, and back over the knee is in your immediate future.
and this time the message will be received
by the woman
 or the man
bottoms up


  1. As a male, first think I do once the spanking is done is to see how red my bottom is. My wife is very good at warming, stinging, and reddening my bottom. To insure nothing blocks her view of it while facing the wall, if I'm not naked I'm told to get so. My wife is older and trust me she insures I learn from the spanking. Jeffery

  2. Getting too old to look back at my red bottom, tired using a mirror and that didn't work. Sure am happy R is good with the camera so I can get a good look

  3. Ooh...those red bums do look painful. Love the giggle...thanks Red. :)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  4. female spanked bottoms are great to look at.

  5. Jeffrey: thanks for sharing... I always look afterwards
    archedone: I need a mirror also
    Cat: you are welcome.. red bottoms are usually very sore
    Baxter: agreed
    bottoms up


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