Twelve MILLION hits and counting

Thank you to everyone who visits my humble blog, whether you are a regular companion, an occasional visitor, and everyone dropping by for the first time.

Spanking is but one of my passions in life, but it certainly helps keep the erotic and sensual in our lives, as we grow older.

As Jan has stated more eloquently than me,
"The best part of ttwd is the way it encourages us to  spend more time and energy on each other. It is automatic now to concentrate on each other. I feel softer somehow when I am in ttwd mode."

So, i hope you enjoy my irreverence with life, as we do not get out of it alive.

We will be traveling again soon, but do drop by and leave a comment,as they are always appreciated. However, with spammers being alive and well, your comment will not appear if I am away, and I approve them when next we are in town.
 and sometimes it is best to be patient
whether it is the man being spanked
or the woman

Make certain being spanked is a CONSENSUAL AGREEMENT

and always keep smiling
enjoy photography
Remember to travel often, and OBEY ALL THE RULES OF THE ROAD
For all my northern friends who had at times a brutal winter...
The grim reaper will always appear eventually...

thanks again for dropping by
bottoms up


The Glenmore said...

Congrats on reaching an amazing milestone Red and thanks for your great blog. I visit it a lot and really enjoy it.

an English Rose said...

Wow, that is a lot of visitors to your blog. Well done you
Have a good trip,
love Jan, xx

Anonymous said...

You have some good followers that enjoy your site. Be happy that you have the health and wealth to travel like you do. So many travel thru your experience. We won't fly and I don't trust ships so our travels have all been by car and we have been from the East Coast to the West and from North to South several times and enjoyed each trip.

Cat said...

Wow Red...that's an awesome number of visitors. I don't always comment but do love to visit and read and your giggles are so fun...Thanks for sharing. :)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Joe said...

Congratulations Red just shows how great your blog is. Live reading it. Have a great vacation.

Anonymous said...

Hello Red, congrats on the achievement. I did send you the pics of my adventure. Did you get them? Anyway, best wishes from Lindsay and Marco

ronnie said...

Red, fantastic. I love to visit here and from your stats, sodo a lot of people. Congratulations.

Have a safe an fun trip.


Hermione said...

That's awesome! Congratulations.


Red said...

The Glenmore, Jan : thanks for the kind words
archedone: glad you enjoy traveling by car, and I am very appreciative of my regular visitors and specially my regular commenters.
Cat: thanks, and you have encouraged me to put more giggles into the blog. thank you
Joe: thanks ad we will
Lindsay and Marco: yes, and the post will be in a day or two. Thanks for the kind words
Ronnie: Thanks, i miss your blog while traveling1
bottoms up

Red said...

Thanks Hermione
bottoms up