thought for today

For all those men wishing their girlfriend or wife spanked them....
Don't we wish more women or men spanked their partner, and then pass the word on....
When someone is wrong.

 bottoms up
applies to men and to women
Might this have been one of the flight personnel involved in the atrocity of United air dragging a paying customer off of an airplane

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

My wife does spank me, but we don't personally know other couples like us. It would be great if more women knew the positive aspects our wives enjoy, but that information is slow to spread. Aloha, T.

Anonymous said...

My thought today was it was Friday and enjoying a shower with my girlfriend. Reminded her of being a spoiled child, stepping out of the shower only to put her across my lap and spank her cute bottom to a nice shade of red. Will then take her to bed and while making love explain that I love her and my spanking her is only showing my love to her.

Cat said...

They're all good, Red but that last one pure D cracked me up. ;)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Anonymous said...

I can't speak for all men but I'm sure happy R spanks me. Can you imagine if all men and women received spankings the conversations you would have with your friends. Every one would be telling about the spanking they just received or that they had just given.

Anonymous said...

A question. I am a submissive male lucky enough to have a dominate wife who SPANKS. She has decided she wants to make sure her friends know it and has decided to let some watch. I am very ashamed however and dont know what to do. Her friend Donna "knows" and will be the first one to see me get a punishment spanking. Tomorrow i have to invite her over to watch. I am terrified, i just know she will laugh and knowing her may even assist if my wife allows it. Has anyone else ever been in this predicament and is there ANY way to avoid or get out of this?
Please help, i cant say no, and am scared to death.

Red said...

T: I totally agree, but doubt we will ever share this with others.
anon: I do NOT agree unless you have discussed this before, and she is agreeable and a willing participant. It is NOT for one person to decide with their partner, but must be a consensual agreement

Cat: always happy to make you smile... or spank you from afar.

archedone: it would be delightful

anon: I am assuming this is a consensual arrangement, and thus you can simply say NO! If you h;;ave consensually agreed that she will make all decisions about your spankings, when, where , and how... bottoms up